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Little Pine Donuts is a local business based in Bend, OR. It was founded through a love for baking, donuts (obviously), and an obsession for finding the perfectly filled donut in Bend. We are a family-run, small business providing FRESH and delicious donuts to our amazing community! We are committed to serving the fluffiest and lightest donuts, with a filling that is not overly sweet. Our custards and fillings (excluding Nutella) are all made from scratch, our donuts are hand rolled every morning, and we use the highest quality ingredients. We never use preservatives or stabilizers!

Our donuts are made in small batches everyday in order to ensure an end product that we are proud of. Whether you’re looking for a personal box for yourself, some donuts to bring home and enjoy, or a couple dozen to share with your workplace, we hope our donuts will leave you satisfied and coming back for more.

THANK YOU to everyone for their support and patience as we try to make as many donuts as we can, and to all of our customers who encourage and inspire us to truly make some of the best donuts you'll ever have!

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